Elele Tiana

My Story and Kuleana

As a composer, performer, and music director, I am honored to serve my musical medicine.

The music I share is rooted in my love for the expressions of my humanity. Growing up in a multi-generational musical family, it's within my lineage to express the vibration of love for life through the instruments I play and the songs I sing. As a five year old I began with the Piano, and found my soul soothed by my ancestral roots which led me to the ukulele.

This communion with my roots supported my personal journey to heal on a level that I am now sharing through my musical experiences.

 My styles range from Island & Roots Reggae to Soulful Funk & Conscious Lyrics.  My work in the studio has brought me a Grammy nomination, along with multiple Hoku nominations (Hawaiian Grammy Awards).


I am blessed to empower my community through music by directing women's chorus and teaching voice lessons in trade for baskets of food from their farms. Coming from humble beginnings myself this way of giving back profoundly uplifts me knowing I can now support others find a creative outlet for their personal healing journey with music.

As I sang from my soul for the community I desired to nourish my family with natural plant-based products and remedies. Returning to my Islander roots the Noni medicine came into my life as a way to support my family heal their skincare ailments. 

This is how Epic Dream Creations body care line was born.

This is my mana from the Aina

Aloha from the Aina to the world with Noni medicine.